Natural Treatment for Heat Rash

With record breaking heat waves all over the country this summer it’s only natural that a lot of people, especially small children, will suffer from an itchy, annoying heat rash at some point. There are several ways for healing and soothing heat rash naturally: More »

Shop Green

Shopping for eco-friendly products doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t have to be stressful. Relax and visit our directory of green online retailers. More »

Use House Plants to Purify the Air in Your Home

You might be surprised to know that the air inside your home could be dangerous. In fact, our indoor air is often what causes common illnesses and ailments such as fatigue, asthma, skin conditions, learning disabilities, ADHD, digestive issues, infertility, obesity, and cancer. More »

Bare Those Toes- Eight Benefits of Going Barefoot

Now that the warm weather is here it’s very tempting to go barefoot outside. Unlike in the “old days”, when everyone went barefoot, shoes are pretty much the norm now, even on beaches. I, for one, cannot understand how anyone could not enjoy the feel of soft warm sand squishing between their toes or the warmth of a sun drenched porch seeping into the soles of their feet. More »

What to Consider before Buying Sunglasses

You may think the only thing you need to worry about when buying sunglasses is the style of frame or the color of tinting. But actually, there are other important characteristics of effective sunglasses that need to be considered. More »


Using White Vinegar as an All-Round Cleaner

If you are looking for a safe, non-toxic cleaner and overall household helper, look no further than white vinegar. This humble substance can be used in a variety of ways to clean

Tips For Successful Composting

Composting is an easy, eco-friendly way to both fertilize your garden and cut down on the amount of waste that you send to landfills.  It can be done whether you rent a

Companion Vegetable Planting: What to Plant Where

It's almost time to start planning this year's garden: Organic gardeners have been practicing companion vegetable planting for hundreds of years. It is based on the idea that certain plants contain properties

Checklist for Ensuring the Best Quality of Air in Your Home

In our chemical-laden world, indoor air pollution is a real problem, especially in the winter when doors and windows are shut. While it's good to decrease energy costs by sealing leaks and

Feeding Winter Birds

Winter can be hard on wild birds. Food sources get harder and harder for them to find as the snow gets deeper and the temperatures colder. Having birds around during the winter

The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

While tankless water heaters have been used for some time in Japan and parts of Europe, they are still a relatively new concept here in North America. Tankless systems use heating elements to